2017 in so many words..

Tis Christmas!!!

Only 6 days to go for the new year I am so pumped. This year has been quite exciting with travel, meeting new people making new decisions, getting out of the comfort zone and many more.

The best thing was starting my blog. I know I have not been posting regularly and I promise I am going to work on that from now on and not taking this for granted.

I have not traveled to a lot of places but I am glad I at least started. I don’t care what people think or say, I know I have done it and it’s not end of the world. Next year is going to be even more awesome where I’ll get to travel more. I traveled to three places this year. In the month of Jan I went to Mysore, the scenic beauty was mesmerizing. Then in May I went to Gokarna. If you haven’t checked my post on Gokarna here’s the link -> https://thedopesoulblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/12/trip-to-gokarna/. In September I went to Goa for the 3rd time. I can’t deny the fact that no matter how many times I have been there it still seems pristine and always welcoming.

Apart from traveling there are few things I got rid of this year. Firstly, my old clothes. I have been in Bangalore for past 5 years so you can imagine the number of stuff I own, be it clothes alone. There were so many clothes I wasn’t wearing so finally I decided to let go of them , which actually worked for me while moving out. Talking about moving out, finally I moved out of the place I had been staying for past 3 and half years which was not at all convenient for me. I used to travel for 4 freaking hours to and fro for work. I finally had the courage to move out of my cocoon and found an amazing place close to work, away from city hence no noise. After moving into my new place I have actually started to cook, which I am enjoying the most apart from my new house. My home is one of the best things happened to me this year and I am really thankful to each and everyone involved in the process. I really appreciate their time and support for me.

I started to take care of myself a lot. I got rid of acne and reduced my hair fall. I finally saw a dermatologist after suffering from acne for 3 years. I always think why didn’t I see him earlier? But it’s never too late. I started to have a healthy lifestyle. Healthy food habits and yoga. I even started to go for jogging in the morning. I will continue all my healthy habits because once you know how being healthy feels like there’s no way in the world you’ll ever give up that for any shit.



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