Don’t try to survive life, rather conquer it

I know I am back after a long time as I am writing my first post of the year in the third month. A lot has happened in the past 2 months. At one point in time I was about to quit my job because it was getting too stressful for me. Sometime it feels like a lot of patience is not good. They say patience is virtue but for how long? I have finally learned fight and stand up for myself. Yeah there will always be support of people around the arena but it is you who have to get into the battle field. Lies, dirty games and false allegations are something I don’t want to be part of. But these things teach us a lot and understanding that is part of growing up. I was not ready to settle down for anything less than I deserve. I am always ready to learn but not on anyone’s term.

Things had gotten so worse for me that I had no time for yoga, I was neither eating right nor eating on time and I had lots of breakout as well. Everyday waking up to go to work was a difficult task for me. I couldn’t sleep properly may be barely for 5-6 hours in a day. I had isolated myself from everybody even my family. But then I couldn’t put up with such crap anymore and I made changes. I knew there’s nobody who could have saved me but me. So I made up my  mind I had to take a stand against the wrong happening with me and I did.

I moved in to a different team where I am learning and growing in a better way. Things are much better here. I am back to my healthy routine, healthy food and  yoga with cheat days of course ;). So if things get bad you really don’t have to go through it all by yourself if you’re not happy there’s nothing worse than that. So stand up for yourself, fight for your self respect and peace of mind. Because happiness is the truth.

If life knocks you down don’t just get up because your butt hurts, get up because you can.


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