I am not my dad’s problem I am his daughter.

There are people who brings the worse out of us. These are the people we choose on purpose and few we never chose them but unfortunately we are related by blood, our so called extended family. I am 28, single and independent. But I am seen as 82 year old who lost all her chances of marrying the most eligible bachelor. You know the “perfect guy” type. More than our parents these are the people who are concerned. It’s actually not their concern, the statement comes like “My friend X’s daughter is younger than your daughter even she got married”. Which really means, we are so embarrassed that the elder daughter of the family is not married yet. An elderly person from my immediate family told me “You are not allowed to stay single anymore. Your dad’s problem is my problem”. My response was “I am not my dad’s problem I am his daughter”. He is the same person who had forwarded a message on whatsApp about women empowerment. Double standard!!! Hypocrisy runs in our society.


In the world of feminism and equality, we still consider a girl who has crossed the “perfect age” for marriage as a burden. Even though she’s independent, carefree and happy go lucky. She earns well, she has a great career which she enjoys the most, she’s passionate about her work, she loves to travel and she’s ambitious, yet she’s called inauspicious because she’s not married yet. In a country where we worship Goddesses, we treat girls beyond a certain age like trash. Age is just a number and marriage is not a joke.


Why do we always say the eligible bachelor is someone who has a good career, earns well, has a house of his own and an eligible damsel is someone who is in her early 20’s?

Are we so insecure of the modern tough women, who don’t believe in such crap and knows their worth way more than just being fair and lovely?


Women are evolving every day. Age doesn’t define us and not that eye candy face. We are not damsel in distress who are waiting to be saved. We can take care of ourselves and our loved ones all at the same time. We are the Goddess of multi tasking and we innovated the innovation. We are more creative than your little brain can imagine. We know to fly high don’t trap us in a golden cage. We can find our significant others better than you. We don’t want to rush into something that we would regret later on. Freedom is able to make our own choice and it can’t be controlled.

They are called significant others for a reason because they are significantly the other half of us that makes us complete. We know to love our men not like their mothers but as their life partners who also happens to be their best friend.


You may call me a burden or a problem, I have turned deaf to your criticisms. I will take my time and when I am ready you’ll be the one to know. For now peace out!


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