Trip to Gokarna

As I have mentioned before in my posts that I had been to Gokarna this year. I thought why not to jot down about my experience and the serenity of the place.

The name Gokarna is after Go which means cow and Karna is ear. How the name came into existence? Well the story goes like this, Raavana wanted the atma linga (soul of Lord Shiva) for his mum in Lanka. He kept meditating on Shiva until the lord agreed to bless him with the atma linga. But there was a condition, if the linga is placed anywhere on the earth it’ll stay there forever and will become immovable. As it’s the soul of Shiva, it’ll give immense power to Raavana who is not so kind King of Lanka. So other Gods of Hindu mythology started to worry about it and consulted Lord Vishnu who suggested Ganesha’s name. So Ganesha took the form of a kid and followed Raavana on his venture to Lanka. As the dusk was approaching, it was time for Raavana’s evening prayer, but he can’t keep the linga on the ground. He saw a kid walking by the beach, Raavana called out to him and asked him to hold the linga until the evening prayer is done. So the kid (Ganesha) agreed to hold the linga but if he need to go he’ll call Raavana thrice if he doesn’t come he will keep the linga on the ground. Raavana agreed to it and went into the sea to take bath and offer his prayer to the Sun God. Seeing Raavana completely involved in his prayer Ganesha thought of keeping the linga on the ground, so as promised he called Raavana’s name but very slowly so that Raavana couldn’t hear it. And then Ganesha left it on the ground. As per Lord Shiva’s words the linga became immovable no matter how much strength Raavana used to uproot it. As Raavana was really strong he tried his best to pull it off, the linga started to get twisted, hence giving it the shape of the cow’s ear and fell at Gokarna. The base remained at Murudeshwar.

So we started from Bangalore to Gokarna by bus and it took us 12 hours. We reached by 13:00, quickly had our lunch and went to the beach.




Got freshened up, by the evening we were tired from 12 hours long journey, so we decided to party by the pool. We danced, had food and drinks by the pool side under the sky full of stars. In Bangalore due to pollution and cloudy weather I don’t see much stars. But man, in Gokarna it was really diamonds in the sky.

The next day early morning we headed to the Gokarna temple. It’s the same place where the upper part of the linga fell off. The temple is on the shore of the Gokarna beach and it’s an amazing view. The below view is of the Gokarna beach.


After the temple visit


And this one is the resort where we were staying. Look at the view at the background.


After the mesmerizing temple visit we headed for trekking. I love trekking any day. This is where we went to trek, Bhairaveshwara Peak.






After trekking we had lunch and headed to the Om beach. It’s one of my favourite beaches in Gokarna. There’s a restaurant right at the shore. We had dinner there and then  the night at the Om beach was magical. It’s like I was watching a movie. Words fall short to describe the beauty of the place.


Sorry there’s food in my mouth 😛



We were exhausted to the core after the end of the day but it was worth it. I crashed on my bed and next thing I knew was it’s morning  and already time to leave. We left for Bangalore the next day but little did we know we still had loads of adventure left.

We headed for Murudeshwar, where the base of the linga is still remaining. The Murudeshwar temple is also at the shore and it’s huge.


On our way back we came across the Jog falls, as it was summer there wasn’t much water yet it was an amazing experience. And due to the water sprinkling everywhere we could see a rainbow.



We halted for dinner and then headed for Bangalore. By the time we reached it was 4:30 in the morning. And the worse part was I had to go to work the same day in next 4 hours.

Anyway, it was an awesome trip. The place is enchanted with beautiful colours and there’s absolutely no pollution. The water and air are so clean. I hope you enjoyed the trip with me. Please comment below to let me know your experience.



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