Away from home yet with homies

Things weren’t working out for me in my previous place. It was way too far from my work. It used to take me 4 hours up and down everyday for traveling. It was tiring and hectic at the same. I was always on a schedule during weekdays. There was no time for me. My routine went like this: Wake up at 6:30 do yoga, take shower, get ready, have breakfast and leave for work sharp at 8:00. I used to literally walk for 4 kms everyday with my heavy laptop bag which felt even heavier in the evening. I used to change two buses sometimes 3 and then reach office by 10:00 AM. Again leave from work at 19:00 reach home by 21:00. Get freshen up make salad have dinner and then off to bed coz I had to wake up early.

This went on for 1 year and 6 months and I was okay with it coz the place was at the center of Bangalore, it was close to all the happening places. Also it was in a residential area so it was kind of safe as well. Basically I was struggling just to have fun during weekends. On top of that it was a PG, where you don’t have much freedom. Your friends can’t come over, your parents can’t stay with you if they are in the city and the food sucked I got acne coz of the PG food and they won’t even let us cook.

Then one fine day one of my friends Su convinced me to move in to a place closer to work but not away from the city and have fun during weekends as well. Initially I was little scared, coz I was very comfortable where I was staying. He showed me around few houses as per my criteria. The day we were supposed to see the present house I am staying Alan offered his bike to us, which was really sweet of him. But we didn’t need as it wasn’t that far from work. Also we thought if we had to see few more houses a bike will be convenient but as we had to see just one house a cab will do. Finally with the help of Su I found a great place exactly how I wanted and the best part is it’s also close to all the happening places yet so peaceful and it’s just 8.2 kms away from work. This was the first time when my parents weren’t in the city to help me look for the house or to help me move in. But I had my friends. I understood that eventually friends become family. Su helped me move in with few of my stuff and talking with the landlord. I had no idea what questions to be asked what needed to know and he did all the talking for me. Next was moving in with big stuff. I had a lot of stuff than I imagined as I have been staying in Bangalore for the past 5 years. H lent me a big suitcase for packing up all my clothes. Just in case I might need another bag she had put a backpack inside the suitcase which was very useful coz I had underestimated my clothes. There’s a reason why I call H my second mum. So one of my other friends from work Po offered to help me move in with all my big stuff. She and her husband Sha helped me move in completely after an amazing lunch at ‘The Mangalorean’.

It’s a fully furnished flat and my room is next to the balcony, it’s an amazing thing that has happened to me. So now I have to cook on my own, I am not a good cook I don’t even know how to cook. Most of the time I am on call with my mum who’s been helping me with cooking. And the other times I have Val and Nush giving me recipes to make it easy for me.

Change is always scary especially if you’re too comfortable at one place, but when your friends got your back that’s when you get the courage to challenge life. I wouldn’t have been able to make up my mind to move out of that PG if it were not for Su. I wouldn’t have been able to move in to the new place with all my stuff alone had it been not for Po and Sha. H’s bag and her thoughtfulness made packing way too easy than imagined. And when it comes to cooking my Masterchefs Val and Nush are always ready with some new recipes. I can’t thank them enough but I am glad I met such people who are stuck with me for a very long time.


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