My soulful trip to Himachal – Kasol

I travelled solo to Himachal this Jan. In this post I will cover about my experience in Kasol, a small hamlet situated in the Parvati Valley near the banks of the Parvati river.

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How did I reach Kasol?

I took a bus from Manali. If you’ve read my previous blogs you know I prefer travelling by local. The bus journey to Kasol was a beautiful one, with the white snow covered mountains, the green river and the blue sky. It was a gorgeous fusion of colours.

Where I stayed?

I stayed in Whoopers Hostel, in Katagla. The hostel is right on the bank of the river Parvati .

Things I did in Kasol

Chalal Trek Trail

Chalal is one of the smallest trek trails. I started the trek from katagla and ended at Chala, a small village near Kasol. Chalal is known for its trance and psychedelic parties. Trekking by the river Parvati through the nature trail surrounded by mountains is an unforgettable view.

Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahiba

The gurudwara is in the heart of the Parvati Valley, on the river Parvati. The hot spring in Manikaran is believed to be therapeutic. The water is so hot that food is cooked by directly placing the vessel in it and served as langar. The gurudwara has arrangement for hot spring bath separate for ladies and gents, and the langar here is satiating. I reached Manikaran after finishing Chalal trek and I was famished. First thing I had here was the famous halwa, it was scrumptious. The view from from the gurudwara of the blue mountains and green river is definitely a photographer’s paradise.

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Breakfast at the German Bakery

I had read a lot of blogs on German Bakery in Kasol. To my surprise there are more than 2 German Bakeries. Although I had breakfast at a small set up of German Bakery. The most famous Yak cheese omlette sandwich and some hot whiskey cake.

Yakk cheese sandwich
Whiskey Cake

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