My Soulful trip to Himachal – Manali

If you are following me on Insta, you know I travelled solo to Himachal Pradesh early this year, my first travel of the year. And if you’re not following me on Insta (read: please do, my insta handle is @universe_and_stardust), now you know that I travelled to Himachal. I covered four places out of many beautiful places ; Manali, Kasol, Tosh and Malana. Travel to the mountains are usually not recommended during the peak winter months because of road blocks due to snow, but I did because you know ‘Mountains are calling and I have to go’. December and January are the peak winters because Himachal gets the most snow during these months. And it was my first ever experience with the snow. In this post I am covering about my travel to Manali.



Where did I stay?

I stayed in the Orchards House, Old Manali. I’m a sucker for pristine places hence I chose  Old Manali over New. It’s quite, serene and got some amazing views.  The place is surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains. The morning I arrived Manali was covered with sheet of snow. The locals told me it had snowed the previous night. It was my first experience with snow ever and the beauty around me was spellbinding.




Things I did in Manali

Trekking and Hiking

When in the mountains one ought to trek, that’s what I do. Words fall short to describe the beauty I saw in Himachal so I’ll keep it short and let you see through my eyes.





Hadimba Devi Temple

Yes, it’s Hidimba from the Epic Mahabharat. The temple is located at a beautiful place. I trekked all the way from my hostel to the temple. There were times when I took wrong turns and didn’t regret it once, because the view was stunning and it’s safe too.







Lunch by the Manaslu river side

Old Manali has some amazing cafes by the river side. I had lunch at the Evergreen Cafe. The food was decent and the view was breathtaking.

Brownie Points

1. Please maintain the cleanliness and sanity of the mountains.
2. The Orchard House hostel offers amazing pancakes and one of the top rated place in Old Manali.
3. Trek as much as you can to enjoy the serenity of Old Manali.
4. Pahadi people are amazingly humble and helpful.
5. Carry winter clothing , snow trekking boots, a hot water bag, extra pair of socks, water proof gloves, dark chocolates to avoid mountain sickness, thermal socks, thermal wear, moisturizer and your own bottle of water.
6. Layer thermal wear, sweaters and jackets if you’re travelling during the peak winter.
7. Try out different river side cafes in Old Manali.

Quick Budget per person

Stay – Rs 300 per night
Food – Rs 700 to 1000 per day

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