Tosh a must visit village in Himachal Pradesh

Tosh is a village in the extreme end of Parvati Valley in Himachal. It is close to the base of the Kheerganga trek. The village is not much crowded by the tourists hence an amazing spot for a calming and relaxing vacation in the Nature. It is an hour away from Manikaran.

How did I reach Tosh?

I took a cab to the base of Tosh from Manikaran. It is an hour away from Manikaran and the cab charged me Rs 600. From the base till the top of the hill it’s about 1.5 to 2 hours of trek. It took me 1 hour and 30 mins to trek up the hill. As I was travelling in Jan, which is the peak season for snow, the entire hill was covered with 2 feet of velvet sheet of snow. The view was amazing.

Where did I stay in Tosh?

I stayed in the famous Pinky Didi Cafe. It is run by Pinky Didi who understands the need and convenience of the travellers. It is really safe for female solo travellers to stay here. I paid Rs 650 for a single room for a night including the room heater. It was bone chilling cold in Jan and heater is a must. The food is really good and the cook is an amazing singer/guitarist too. He can play for you if requested.

A nothing to do village

I’m a firm believer of the phrase ” beauty of doing nothing” and Tosh is just that place. As it was my solo travel to Himachal I can assure you that it is safe for women and men to travel anywhere in and around this beautiful state. I have covered 4 places in Himachal ~ Manali, Kasol, Tosh and Malana and always received a warm welcome every where I went. The day I was going to Tosh there was a forecast for snow fall hence the people I met while trekking up asked me to hurry up as it will get difficult to walk once it starts to snow. The cafe is located at the core of Tosh and the view from my room was doting. In the evening the common area comes to life with music and good vibes.

My first snow fall

I had my first snow fall in Tosh. The entire day I was waiting for the snow fall as per the forecast but it didn’t snow. I went to sleep that night praying for the snow fall in the next morning. The next morning there was magic happening outside my window, the magic of Mother Nature. My heart was doing somersaults with the happiness of a 2 year old when given a Barbie. I lived my fairy tale in Tosh.

Brownie Points:

1. Himachal is absolutely safe for solo female and male travellers. People here are extremely welcoming and helpful.

2. It is really reasonable in Himachal like commute, food and stay.

3. Please please please maintain the cleanliness of the valley or anywhere in the world you travel. Please use the dustbins.

4. Carry a lot of winter clothing if you’re planning to travel in the peak winters. Snow boot is a must to avoid frost bite.

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