Relax and take it easy

At work things are little strenuous. All of us are stressed out because there are a lot of work and we have very less time left to wrap things up. Hence at times someone or the other is losing their cool at us.

Everyone are really great but it’s just the situation that’s making it tough for everyone but we got each others back, which is really great. So G was really stressed out yesterday and said something to A which was only in the heat of the moment. However A is really sensitive and she got upset. As per me if she didn’t like the way G said things she should’ve made her point clear. Well, after sometime people started to leave and there were only handful of us present and then A started to talk normally with him because A don’t hold on to the anger towards anyone. Even G himself had forgotten he said something really harsh to her. I’m telling you it is the stress taking better of us.

So after work me and 2 other colleagues A and SL decided to go for drinks as the week was really stressful and we needed to ease up a little bit. The place is called Brewklyn Microbrewery. Ambience, music, food and beer it was an amazing marriage. On my way back I took a cab and was really alert while trying to figure out what the F the cab driver’s talking over the phone (because I don’t know squat about kannada) and making sure I’m holding the pepper spray bottle ready to spray on if things go upside down. Anyway while guiding the driver to my place my ears caught the song on the radio “Urvashi Urvashi, take it easy policy”.  I have heard that song before and then the driver started to hum while I was maintaining the seriousness on my face and not letting the driver know that I’m scared from inside (I was also drunk). Today morning I suddenly started humming the same song and then it struck me that last night it was playing on the radio. While humming I was trying to recall the lyrics and then I went to a whole new world.

Had we been really following the take it easy policy, our lives would have been much more easier, balanced and happy. Isn’t it? No wars, no fights, no stress, no jealousy you got the point, right?

If things don’t seem to work out now, take it easy my friend. I’m sure you’ll find a way out. I wish our leaders could follow the same policy, our world would have been a much better place. Tension at the borders, Americans crying over Trump etc.

Like instead take it easy by chilling at the beach side, have a drink watch the sunset, listen to some country music and get lost in the nature. Yeah I am an introvert so for me that’s how it works.

Just breathetake it easy!!

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