I have pimples because I am not married yet

Once upon a time, I had (sad to say this) clear skin. I was not on a “healthy diet” or was working out or something. Then I moved to a PG. After 2-3 months I started to have breakouts. First I thought may be I’m not drinking enough water. So I started drinking more water than my body needed, which obviously didn’t help. I started having healthy diet, didn’t work as well. And then I thought of seeing a dermatologist. As per them it is common for girls to have sudden breakouts because our body keep changing and so the hormones get disturbed. I saw 2-3 docs nothing worked out. So then I finally decided to go for Ayurvedic treatment.


I went to an Ayurvedic clinic with my mum. Apparently the senior doc was out of town hence his son was there. My mum told the son that we’ll come back later once his dad is back from the trip. He was offended and wanted to know the reason behind the visit. So we thought both are docs so big deal we can see him instead.


I told him about my sudden breakout story. He asked me my age, where am I working and my work shifts. Then I was 25, I worked with an IT firm(still working) and as my clients were from US, I was doing US shift. Since the day I have started working I was doing the “night shift”. Last year I moved to a general 9:00-18:00 shift. Anyway, when I asked what’s the reason behind this breakout and if it’ll be cured, his response was:


“Of course you’ll have breakouts, you’re 25, a female and not married yet on top of that you’re working for an IT firm in the night shift. Listen madam, the ideal age for girls to get married is between 20-24. In this modern world you girls don’t understand that.”


What he meant was, I should have sex. A lot of sex. I told the same to my mum and she laughed out.


The world will always put us down in the name of society. As per the society marriage is a game. The eligibility criteria of this game is not love but the “ideal age”.


Sigh!! I feel bad for the so called society where such people exist.


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