Tongue like a Whip Lash

R always used to ask money from me every end of the month. However, she’d always return me as soon as she gets her salary.  It’s not a huge amount may be within 300 bucks.

One time she borrowed some bucks as usual while taking she asked ” how come every time you have money and you never borrow cash from anyone?” My answer was “I manage”. And the response from her was epic which goes like this.. “Oh yeah Odiya’s (I’m from Odisha) are really stingy. They don’t spend on anything. My boyfriend is also the same. And one of our neighbors, they’re also odiya and they’re super miser. You know every festival that Aunty would wear the same sari and they don’t buy stuffs during Diwali also. Which is good because now they’ve built a house with that money.”

And my response was “it’s not about being stingy, I just know to manage money well. I’m not a spendthrift.” In her defense, she said “I don’t see you shopping a lot, so you don’t spend and hence you always have money at the end of the month.”

Few months later, I got an iPhone. One time I was back from grocery shopping and she was on a call.

Suddenly she saw me and told the person on the other line “Yeah people who buy iPhones, they’re show offs.”

That’s when I realized some people they just don’t know what to say. It’s like they’ve got a mouth and they don’t know what to do with it. It comes with an in-built no bone in the tongue functionality. Hence they just flaps their mouth and lash their tongue like a whip at anything and everything they see.

Sigh! I feel bad for such people.

Moral of the story these sort people are never happy with whatever you do. You save your money you are stingy, you spend your money you’re just a show-path. So you got to do whatever the F you want to make yourself happy.

tongue like a whiplash

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