2021, let’s do it together

We have entered 2021 and it feels like poor 2021 is already under a lot of pressure. Pressure to bring the vaccine, to bring the economy up and to bring back the normalcy. As much as I am looking forward to 2021, I am grateful for 2020 in many ways.

Reflections on 2020

1. Prioritizing my well being.
2. Stillness and slowing down.
3. Nature can heal any wound and scar.
4. Love is all that matters.
5. Communications can bring people together despite the distance.
6. When I couldn’t go out my journey to within began.
7. It’s not a competition, I am on my own journey and I am in no rush.
8. Positive self talk is a game changer.
9. Setting healthy boundaries with people is my way to honour myself.
10. Gratitude is the way to happiness.

My Theme for 2021

My theme for this year is CAREFREE
My inner peace is my priority. I intent to be relaxed and carefree this year

I have made My Vision Board for 2021. However it’s too personal for me to share it here.

My Goals for 2021

I want to set small achievable goals. and I want to come back every quarter to check where am I. I have divided my goals into health, career, personal and relationship.

Health – My health, mental and physical, is my priority.

1. I want to continue to do yoga and meditation everyday.
2. I want to give importance to how I feel than the numbers on a scale or nailing a perfect yoga pose. Sensations over everything else.
3. Journal, colour and paint as a method of venting out.
4. Eat everything in moderation.
5. Listen to my body and let my body intelligence lead.
6. Smile more with my eyes and laugh more with my heart.

Career – I want a change in my career this year.

  1. I intent my work to be joyful, relaxing, creative and purposeful.
  2. I intent to be consistent in posting blogs, videos on my youTube and enjoy my work.
  3. I want my work to love me as much I love my work.
  4. Give what I have to the world and make money out of it.


  1. Do YTT 200 Hrs, when it’s available to me.
  2. Learn a new skill or two just for the fun.
  3. Read books that are meaningful and impactful than focusing on the number of books.
  4. Relax and rest as much and take one step at a time.
  5. Do things that makes me happy like dancing and creating. I want to explore my creative self.
  6. Continue to be in my feminine energy.
  7. Continue to set healthy boundaries with people.


  1. Conversations filled with love, joy and kindness.
  2. Healthy, meaningful and open communications.
  3. Have a positive, empowering and close knit circle.

Hope this helped you in planning your new year with me. I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy year ahead.

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