Darjeeling Food Blog

Darjeeling is the momos capital of the world along with some amazing chai. Not only that it is abode to some really cool cafes back from British colonial days.

IMG_20191102_141226 (1)

Darjeeling Momos and Chai

Darjeeling being the momos capital of the world is also host to the beautiful tea gardens. Like Assam, Darjeeling is also known for its tea. And when in Darjeeling momos and tea are must. And trust me when I say this “Darjeeling momos are the best”



Momos at the Ghum station



Chai at Mall Road


Glenary’s Cafe

This cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Darjeeling and has existed since British colonial days. It has two floors. The first floor is a restaurant and the food is quite decent and the view is nourishing for the soul.






Glenary’s Cake Shop

The ground floor of Clenray’s Cafe is the bakery known as Glenary’s cake shop and serves some amazing chocolate muffin and rum chocolates.






Street Food at the Mall Road

In my previous post I had mentioned about the Mall Road. This is where you get some amazing noodles and chilly chicken.






If you’re craving for some hot thukpas in the chilled winter evening in Darjeeling and you happened to be around the Mall Road, Fiesta is your go to place.


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