Darjeeling- An unexpected expedition

Darjeeling, at the foothills of Himalayas there is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. The enduring beauty and the Victorian charm can lure any nature lover. With the amazing Kanchenjunga glossing over Darjeeling is one of the breathtaking views to experience along with the joy toy train ride whistling it’s way around the city.

How did I reach Darjeeling?

From Bangalore I flew to Bagdogra and then booked a ride to Darjeeling that dropped me at my hotel.

Best Time To Visit

Summer months from April to June and winter months from October to December. I travelled in November and it was beautiful.

Things I did in Darjeeling

Stay in Darjeeling

The hotel I stayed in was Palbheu Hotel near the Art Gallery. It was not one of the best hotels but the hotel had one of the best views to offer.


View from my hotel window

Joy Train Ride

As joyful as it sounds the The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or The Joy Train is actually the UNESCO World Heritage. It is also among a few steam engine trains in the world. The train takes a ride through the city and stops at Batasia loop and Ghum station. 






View of the snow capped mountain ranges from the Batasia Loop

Mall Road

Taking a walk around the Mall road. It’s one of the happening places in Darjeeling. The entire complex has a tinge of Victorian charm with the famous clock tower over looking the street. The street hosts some amazing Cafes like Keventer’s and Glenary’s along with some souvenir stores.


IMG_20191102_170033 (1)

Somewhere in Mall Road

Tiger’s Hill

Tiger’s Hill is known for the sunrise and the first rays on the Kanchenjunga. Yes Kanchenjunga. This was my unexpected expedition. I trekked for almost an hour to reach the hill top and the view was surreal. The sun rays on the majestic Kanchenjunga giving a golden touch to the snow capped mountain range was worth an hour trek.


Sunrise at Tiger’s Hill




Brownie Points

  1. The time I travelled, it was cold. So carry winter wear if you’re planning to go during the winter months.
  2. Because of the sudden change in weather there is a possibility of falling sick. Hence carry some medications.
  3. Sunscreen because even though it’s winter it was quite sunny.
  4. The cab booked for Darjeeling from Bagdogra was on wizzride.com. It’s a shared cab service and they drop you at your exact location. If you get lost, people are very generous to help you out including the cab driver.
  5. Please reach Darjeeling before the day light is gone. The city close down by 7:00 PM or max by 8:00 PM. I reached my hotel at 8:30 PM and there was no human to be seen on the road.
  6. Bagdogra is a defense airport hence photography is prohibited.
  7. The people are extremely kind and helpful please treat them with respect.
  8. Maintain cleanliness of the place.
  9. Carry your own toiletries, just to be on the safe side.
  10. The Mall Road comes to life in the evening.


Budget per person

  1. Ride to Darjeeling from Bagdogra = Rs 650
  2. Joy Train Ride = Rs 1600
  3. Cab to the Tiger’s Hill (pick up and drop and sight seeing, like Japanese temple etc.) = Rs 1500 for the entire cab

I will cover about the food budget in the Darjeeling Food Blog.


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