Thimphu – Amazing Bhutan

Thimphu is the capital and urbanized city of Bhutan. It is also home to the royal family and the present king’s office known as Tashichho Dzong.


Tashichho Dzong, office of the present king of Bhutan

How did I reach Thimphu

From Paro I boarded a bus to Thimphu. There is only one bus that leaves at 9:00 AM to Thimphu from Paro bus station.

Things I did in Thimphu

Souvenir shopping at the Handicraft Market

There is a chain of shops put up at the Handicraft market right opposite to the immigration office. One can find hand made bags to hand woven sweaters, scarves, stoles, prayer flags, meditation beads, paintings, handmade paper journals etc. These shops are mostly run by women and they can be seen weaving shawls, bags etc.





A walk in the Coronation Park

Coronation park is 500 meters away from the immigration office. The beauty about this park is it is at the bank of Paro Chu also known as Paro river. There is a 45 feet tall statute of Walking Buddha in the middle of the park which is believed to have been constructed for the people to pursue happiness.


View of Paro chu from the Coronation park



Walking Buddha at the Coronation park

Weekend Bazaar

There is a farmers’ market that is put up every weekend where one can find local produce and almost all household materials. Starting from fresh vegetables to dry fish and meat, weekend bazaar has everything you name it.


Farmers’ Market at the weekend Bazaar


Buddha Point

Buddha point has a gigantic statue of the Buddha which house one hundred small statues of Buddha. The statues are made up of bronze and gold, and one of the major attractions in Thimphu not only for tourists but also for locals. My favourite was the view of snow capped mountains from the Buddha Point.



Buddha Point


Snow capped mountain view from the Buddha Point


Brownie Points

  1. Try to bargain at the Handicraft market.
  2. Please maintain cleanliness and sanctity of the place.
  3. If you have enough time please sit at the Coronation park facing the river. It’s peaceful.
  4. I stayed in Airbnb, it was economical.
  5. Cabs are easily found around the city at a reasonable price.

Quick Budget per person

Paro to Thimphu – Rs 60
Food – Rs 700 to Rs 1000
Cab from the Buddha Point to downhill – Rs 100 (entire cab)

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