Bhutan Food Blog

The best way to know a place is to know its food. And what’s a better way to have food than trying out the local cuisine at the house of locals. The staple food of Bhutan is the sticky red rice, chillies and yak cheese. Here are few of my favourite foods that I had in Bhutan.

Food I had in Bhutan

1. In the picture below there is a fish curry, kewa datshi, rice and cheese pakoda. Kewa datshi is made from potato and cheese, and tasted amazing with rice. I had this delicious dinner in Phuntsholing. As the district is in the border of India and Bhutan, one can find fish items easily . As interior as you go only chicken, beef and pork are available for a non-vegetarian.


Meal at Bhutan Residency, Phuntsholing

2. This is suja, butter tea. Unlike chai, suja is made from butter and salt, and is really good during the winters.


Suja – butter tea

3. In the below picture there is shamu datshi, chicken maru, ezay , papad and the sticky red rice. Shamu datshi made from mushroom and cheese,  chicken maru is a boiled chicken curry without any richness of oil and masala, and ezay. Ezay is a chutney that has cherry tomatoes, chillies, cheese, red onions, garlics, green onions and salt.


Dinner at Ama’s Village Lodge

4. That’s veg thukpa in the below picture. I had this in Paro after finishing the Tiger’s Nest trek. I was famished and the thukpa was a comfort food in the winter evening.


Veg thukpa at Ama’s Village Lodge

5. In the below picture you can see sticky red rice, fish curry, ezay, daal and an omlette. The fish curry was amazing. I had this thali on the way to Phuntsholing from Thimphu.


Meal at a small restaurant run by a family on the way to Phuntsholing

6.  The below meal has kewa datshi, sauteed vegetables, chicken sauteed with vegetables, ezay and ema datshi. Ema datshi has chillies and cheese. It is the national food of Bhutan and is a must try.



Meal at Punakha farmstay

7.  This is Ara, a local wine. It is made from barley, rice, maze and millet or wheat. In a hot pan butter, egg and wine are added. Once it cools down the alcohol is served in a bowl and the left over butter and egg is eaten.


Ara on a stove




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