How to declutter your mind?

Sometimes due to deadlines or lot on our plate or perfectionism or any reason be, can make us overwhelming. I have felt so worked up at times that I wasn’t sure what to do until a while back I started following few things that helped me overcome my blocks. Overthinking, insecurities, distractions etc, can clutter our mind which in turn can weigh us down. Seven things I do when I feel overwhelmed.



I can’t emphasize on this more. Meditation helps to centralise your energy and calms the anxious mind. It also reduces stress and improves sleep. There are many benefits of meditation I personally experience in my day to day life. There are various ways of meditation like Om chanting, visualising the energy within our body, inhaling in positivity and letting go of negativity while exhaling etc.


Journaling is one of the best ways to vent out. Writing can be so liberating. Journaling is the best pep talk you can give to yourself. I have a post on 10 ways journaling has transformed my life. Check it out.


Affirmations works the best when self doubt creeps in. Do you know how it works? Affirmations has power that no body possess and it works like a charm. It is a way of telling your subconscious mind what you believe in and what you want. Our subconscious mind is connected to the universe, and as we know universe grants our wishes. In the time when I feel powerless I write down few affirmations that help me get through the tough time.

Word Vomit

This is something I have learnt recently in my creative coaching. When I am confused, angry, or frustrated I write down words that first comes to my mind. This way I let all the negativity out of my mind and my mind is clear. Not necessarily all words have to be negative after couple of negative words my mind starts to give me positive words. That’s when I know my mind is decluttered.


I practice gratitude every single day. In my Instagram story I post few things I am grateful about today almost everyday. Sometimes I write down things I am grateful about and sometimes I don’t even have to write it. I just feel grateful. When one thing is going bad I write down 10 things going great in my life. I instantly feel positive. Before going to bed I think about all the good things happened to me that day. When I wake I am grateful to have woken up to a new day, new life.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is exactly what it sounds and it’s fun too. Write down one thing and encircle it, around it write everything related to it. Sometimes when we don’t know what’s troubling us but we’re worried and blocked, mind mapping helps in figuring out the problem and in removing the mental block. It works best for confusions related to career, life or write down things you love about yourself and many more.

Draw/ colour or paint

Whenever clutter weighs me down I sometimes hold my pen and start drawing lines, curves whatever I can. Sometimes I colour mandalas and paint as well. It instantly brings back my focus. They say mandalas are spiritual and are different interpretations of universe.

Here are few things I do to declutter my mind. I would love to hear back from you.




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