How to manage time and get things done like a boss

If 24 hours is falling short for you, you need to read this. Even Beyonce has 24 hours and when she can do it, we can definitely do it. Managing time was the biggest challenge I have faced in most of my adult life. It has been almost a year that I have been managing time and getting things done like never before.

To-Do List

I always make a To-Do list the night before. I end up forgetting things I have to do on a particular day so To-Do list always helps. Earlier I used to wait for things to come to me and then I would finish it. I stopped my calendar taking the control over me. End of the day when I check off each tasks from my To-Do list it feels way more satisfying than a good plate of biriyani (PS: I love biriyani).

Avoid Procrastination

I know it’s easy said than done. But trust me once you know the reason behind procrastinating your tasks you will overcome it. For a very long time I kept thinking it’s laziness that stopping me from doing my work. I thought that’s the only block I have and there’s no way to get rid of it.

Ask what is/are my blocks and what are they protecting me from?

For example:

One of my blocks is Over Thinking and it’s protecting me from getting hurt as I am sensitive. I was constantly worried about what would people think of me? What if no body likes what I do? What if and then everything negative possible follows.

What can I do to support me?

Once I knew what my block, I had to take up the courage to do my work. I took up a creativity coaching last month where I learnt I create for no one, not even for myself. I create to simply create. This became my daily affirmation and this helped me a lot to overcome my insecurities.

No Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking always slows you down and delays the process. Take up each task from the To-Do list and finish it. Multi-tasking can be very frustrating as well which leads to multiple unfinished  tasks.


Make sure to prioritise the tasks from the To-Do list.  We tend to finish the small tasks first and by the time we move to the big task we are usually exhausted and push it to the next day. The one that is an important task and needs immediate attention always do it first. It works like a motivation to finish other tasks as well. Finishing a big task first thing is also like pat on the back.

Keep Your Mind Fresh

For me being a morning person helps a lot. I understand most of the people don’t have the privilege because of their shifts. So it’s totally up to you whenever you have a clear mind. I enjoy reading but lately it had become a big task. I give majority of my time to reading in the weekends but I also want to read everyday before going to bed. But keeping something I love till the end of the day didn’t work for me. Most of the times I would be sleepy before I could start reading. Hence I have started to read in the morning for an hour after few of my morning tasks and it feels so satisfying.

Limit Social Media Usage

As soon as I wake up I go stand in my balcony to soak up the morning sun. I had a bad habit of going through my Instagram feed every morning and that would delay the start of my day by an hour or so. An hour before going to bed I stopped using anything digital.

Avoid Distractions

No phones, TV and turn off WiFi if you have to. Turn off the notifications on your phone and computer and put your phone on silent. Distractions play a major role in delaying the process of completion.

Take What You Can Finish

Never ever over commit and understand your limits. Only take up things that you can deliver. It works best for your morale. Over committing and unable to deliver can lead to self doubt.

Tidy Your Workspace

Always have a clean space to work in,  it will make a huge difference. It will help one to have a clear mind and more focus.

Take Breaks

When you’re exhausted always take a break. Our brain tends to slow down after 45 minutes of concentration on just one thing. My favourite thing is to stand in my balcony and get some air. Sometimes I journal to get things out of my head and it helps a lot as well, I stretch and walk around or watch something that will clear my head.


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