A day in Mysore

Disclaimer: This blog does not include the magnificent Mysore Palace.

If you want a getaway from your hectic life, if all you want is some peace of mind and if you want to soothe your soul, Mysore is the place for you. I am so grateful that I went to this beautiful abode of greenery in the rains. No wonder it is the most cleanest city of the country.

Things I did in Mysore in a day:

A temple visit

Mysore is a traditional place. It’s like each family has their ancestral temples. Most of the temples represent a family and has a story to tell. I went to a temple close by I was staying in. It is a famous Krishna temple of that area.

A walk in the nature

Even though Mysore is 3 hours away from Bangalore there is a huge difference in the temperature and weather. It is way more cooler, the air is fresh,  the rain is calming, the breeze is gentle and absolutely no traffic.  I took a walk around the place I was staying in and I must tell you it was relieving. The rain is beautiful in Mysore because of the trees everywhere.



An evening in the Chamundi Hills

Chamundi hills is the domicile of the famous Chamundi temple of Mysore. The temple closes by 6:00 PM and in the day it is really hot. The best time to go to the hills is early in the morning or after the sun set. I went after sunset and the view from the hill of the city is gorgeous. In the evening the city is lit up and you can spot the palace from the top. The sky looks aesthetic in the evening in Mysore.


Star gazing

I believe I am made up of universe and stardust. Because of no pollution the sky is clear at night and one can see the sky studded with stars. It was my favourite part of the entire trip. I was hoping to spot a shooting star but I was very happy to see so many stars in the sky. I wish my camera could capture the charming sky.

Food and beverages

Pathaka is the place for you if you are a chaat lover like me. It’s  a small eatery opposite to the Zostel. They serve scrumptious chaats to jalebis, pav bhaajis to jamun and rabdi, chhole bhature, parathas, milkshakes, sandwiches etc.


Have you heard of mango beer? Yes, mango beer. You get it in Double Barrel. It is a blonde beer with a hint of mango which makes the beer even better. Even if you’re not a mango fan I assure you,  you will still enjoy it. The place has a good ambience to it as well.


I know there are a lot of places to go around the city but I had not gone with the intention of travelling. I wanted to clear my head and have a peaceful time.

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