Kodaikanal – Day2

I stayed in Kodaikanal for 2 days. Second day was the most adventurous one because of trekking.

Mountain Beauty

First we went to Mountain View Point also known as Mountain Beauty. To reach here we had to trek down for 15-20 mins and then pass through a small cafe. The view was mesmerising. The best time to go there is early in the morning. By the time we reached it was 8:30 AM, the sun had come out. So our driver told us to start early to avoid the crowd.


The Mountain View Point or The Mountain Beauty

Eco Point

Eco Point is further down from the Mountain View. We crossed a small pine tree forest and reached Eco Point.

Dolphin Nose

Dolphin Nose is in between Mountain View Point and Eco Point. So we decided while coming back from the Eco Point we would go to Dolphin Nose. It’s little scary to stand at the edge of the nose, but the view was breathtaking.


Dolphin Nose

Altaf Cafe

The toughest part was trekking back up. It took us more than 20 mins to come up and while coming up we halted at the Altaf Cafe for breakfast. This small cafe is known to offer the best breakfast with an amazing view.


Breakfast at Altaf Cafe

Vatakanal Falls, Pambar Falls and Lion’s Cave

After our scrumptious breakfast we headed to the waterfalls. As it was spring there was not much water hence it made trekking possible. We crossed the fall and trekked on the other side that is the forest side. It was small but tricky trekking. The best part was because of less water we could climb up the rock and sit next to the fall.


Vatakanal Falls


Cloud Street

By the end of our trek we were hungry hence we went to the Cloud Street for lunch. It is in the Sunday Market Road. The food is good over there. They serve more of continental cuisine. We had the Cloud Street special pasta and it was delicious.

Quick Tips:

1. Carry an umbrella because of the unannounced rain. Although it is beautiful amidst the hills and mist.
2. Google pay is accepted by the cab driver for long distance travel like the tours and treks. Still carry cash for shopping and the resorts (if advance payment is not done). Our resort did not accept card, Paytm or Google Pay.
3. The Sunday Market Road is really nice to take a walk around and look for shops to buy souvenirs.


Cab for day 2 = Rs 1800 (The cab charges vary from season to season)
Food on day 2 = Rs 600 to 800 per person

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