The Magical Kodaikanal – Day 1

Last week I went to Kodaikanal. After I had been Ooty most of the people suggested me to visit Kodaikanal. They said unlike Ooty, Kodaikanal is not that commercialised which makes it even more fascinating. Well, it holds true.

Best time to visit

Like Ooty, Kodaikanal can be visited anytime of the year. During winters the temperature drops to 0 degrees and during summer the temperature was around 18 to 20 degrees during the day. At night it dropped to 14 degrees.

Moier Point, Pine Tree Forest, Pillar Rocks and Kodai Lake

We hired a cab for the local tour in Kodaikanal and we covered quite a number of places. Kodaikanal has a lot of view points. First we went to Moier Point. The place gets covered with passing clouds and it’s a beautiful experience.


Moier Point

Pine Tree Forest 


Pine Tree Forest

Pillar Rocks 


Pillar Rocks

Kodai Lake

One of the best experiences I had at Kodai Lake is the cycle ride. Yes you can hire a cycle and take a ride around the lake. The lake is spread for 7 kms in radius and the best part is there you get double seater cycles as well. I also went for the boat ride the next day and that was wonderful as well.


Kodai Lake during sunset


Quick Tips:

  1. The cab driver will take you to a whole lot of places you can opt for the places you want to visit. I didn’t know much places so I went for all and it was quite not that great. In this blog I have added places which I felt were amazing and worth going for. The other places I went to were the Green Valley Point, Coaker’s walk and Bryant Park. Coaker’s walk is best to visit during early morning when it is still misty out there.
  2. Carry winter clothes.
  3. Be prepared for the light showers to heavy rainfall anytime.
  4. It gets sunny by day so do carry sunscreen.
  5. It is better to have your own vehicle otherwise you can always hire a cab. No bikes on rent are available in Kodaikanal.
  6. Please pre book or pay in advance for the stay because the hotel we booked was not available and they gave the address of some other resort with no facilities yet charged us too much.

Budget for one person:

Bangalore ⇄ Kodaikanal = Rs 2000
Cab for day 1 = Rs 1800 (pick up and drop inclusive)
Food = Rs 600 to 700
Cycle Ride = Rs 100 for double seater cycle
Boat Ride= Rs 100 if ride completed within 30 mins.

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