Emerald green, Coorg or Kodagu in Kannada

Emerald green landscape laden with coffee plantation, lush teakwood and sandalwood forests. Coorg is in western ghats of India with moderate climate. Madikere is the centre of the district and a transport hub. Also there are really good restaurants around Madikere. Coorg also has some amazing homemade wines and chocolates to serve. Needless to say Coorgi pork curry is a delicacy of Coorg. It goes best with Otti and not Roti. Otti is bread made with rice.



Otti and Coorgi Pork Curry

Best time to visit Coorg

Coorg has a very moderate climate throughout the year. Although I went in Feb. Winters has it’s own charm in Coorg. Early in the morning the place is cladded with fog. Hence I preferred to visit Coorg during early Feb.

Places I visited in Coorg:

If you’re going to Coorg please keep 3 days in hand, don’t make the mistake of travelling for a day and half. So in one and half days I could visit 4 places and those were really amazing places to see.

  1. Abbey FallsIt is 10 kms from Madikere. The falls is open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. The entry fees is Rs 15 per person. Abbey Falls is one of the main tourists attraction of Coorg. The road is always beautiful than the destination. The road from Madikere to Abbey Falls is one of the best views I had in Coorg. The road was clothed by the lush green hills of coffee plantation and some amazing spices like cinnamon etc.

Abbey Falls

   2. Golden Temple – Tibetan Monastery

It is 4.5 kms from Kushalnagar. Kushalnagar is where I stayed in. The temple is open from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. The temple is calm and majestic surrounded by it’s own landscaped garden. Also near the parking lot there’s a small shopping complex and has an amazing cafe, Buddha Cafe. The shops have Tibetan souvenirs  starting from singing bowl, idols of Buddha, wind chimes etc.


Golden Temple – Tibetan Monastery


Golden Temple – Tibetan Monastery


Golden Temple – Tibetan Monastery

3. Raja Seat

The kings of Coorg used to watch sunsets from this spot which is now a beautiful garden. The spot offers an amazing view of towering hills and breathtaking scenery.

IMG_20190203_102911 (1)

View from Raja Seat


4. Talakaveri

It is known to be the first source of the river Kaveri. It is located at the Brahmagiri Hills. The best time to visit this place is in the morning. I made a mistake of going there in the afternoon in the scorching sun which made the climb to the hill very difficult. Also the view from top of the hill is mesmerising.


View from the hill top at Talakaveri

There are two more places Dubare and Nisargadhama I wanted to visit in Coorg. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time in hand. Sigh! If you are going to Coorg please make sure to cover the above places and share some pictures with me on my instagram account.

Quick Bites:

1. To have an amazing experience of the lush green landscape, please travel in the morning.

2. You can hire a bike to commute within the district.

3. It gets really hot during the day, please keep yourself hydrated and carry sunscreen.

4. Make a list of places you want to visit on Coorg and stay in the vicinity of 10-15 kms. I stayed at Kushalnagar and Dubare and Nisargadhama were 30-32 kms away from my hotel. Hence I couldn’t cover those.

5. There are night camping in Coorg, please do your homework and do the booking in advance. I was an enthucutlet and started for Coorg immediately when without any homework.

1. Hotel = Rs 2400 per night
2. Food = Rs 700-1000 per person (per day)
3. Bike on rent = Rs 600 per day (Bargain good)


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