2018: My year of travel, adventure and fun

2018 has been full of travel, adventure and fun. I promised myself a lot of travel this year and I kept it.

First trip was to Chikmagalur. What a place to start the trip of the year with. I went to Chikmagalur in Feb.


Above picture is the coffee plantation in Chikmagalur.


Second trip was in March to Udupi and Mangalore. I did paragliding in Udupi.


St. Mary’s Island, Udupi


Paragliding at Malpe Beach


And then I travelled to Kashi Nagar Varanasi in the month of April. It was a beautiful experience. I got to view the Ganga Aarti from the other side of the bank.


Ganga Aarti at Varanasi

After Varanasi in May I travelled to Chikmagalur, again.

IMG_4202 (1)

Mulayangiri Hill at Chikmagalur



Waterfall at Chikmagalur


In the month of June I travelled to Mysore and Nagarhole Forest. Did I say that I spotted a leopard at the jungle? It was an amazing experience to view the majestic animal out in the open jungle and not in a zoo. I’ll post the video of the leopard in my insta.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 5.34.12 PM

Leopard at Nagarhole Forest


IMG_0307 (2)

The magnificent Mysore Palace

In the mid of September I went to Odisha. I am from Odisha but never travelled to any tourist spots until this time. I went to the UNESCO world heritage site, The Konark Sun Temple. I saw Chilika and Mahanadi like never before.


The Konark Sun Temple


Mesmerising Mahanadi

In the month of October I went to Pondicherry.


Paradise Beach, Pondicherry


Auroville, Pondicherry


In the month of November I went to Goa. This was my fourth visit to Goa yet it felt like my first one. I went to the Dudhsagar Falls after the second attempt in the same trip, tried the local cuisine, travelled in local buses and interacted with the locals. This was one of the best trips of this year apart from the Odisha and Udupi-Mangalore trip.


Sunrise at the Mandovi River, Old Goa


Just before sunset at the Calangute Beach


Candolim Beach


This year I had a fabulous haircut.


New hair don’t care

I got fitter both physically and mentally.



I started journaling and made some cool DIY journals. Journaling is such a stress buster and I have made a promise to myself that I will always keep journaling as long as I can.


Handmade by me

I cried a lot and I laughed even more. Most importantly I learnt in abundance. I took care of myself and was always by my side through all the thick and thin. I got a fab hair cut #bob. I wrote more than ever. I became a better version of me. Seeing what I have become, I know I have come a long way and there’s still a long way to go. I am enjoying this journey and out of all I found myself. I am the dope thing I created this year and I am really stoked about it. I learnt gratitude and admired positive vibes in others. I learnt happiness is not found anywhere, it comes from within. Having goals is amazing and working towards achieving it is even sexier. Stay Inspired and stay positive. Have a lit new year.



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