Be your own Santa

Christmas just went by and yet the vibes are still so jubilant around. Christmas is all about gifts, singing, dancing, loving, laughing and merry making. I started buying gifts 2 weeks before Christmas and I absolutely love the process. I always give a personal touch to the gifts. I make sure to know the person better to get something for them. For instance, one of my friends is a huge Arsenal fan and he loves to write and read. I got him an Arsenal fridge magnet and Gitanjali by Tagore. One of the other friends is a TT player so I got him a set of TT bat. My best friend’s favourite colour is pink. I got her a salmon pink nail paint and a pink glass vase. I got a golden candle as a return gift for my Santa and a handmade (by me) pocket journal for another friend. I know I am so thoughtful (wink).

While shopping it occurred to me why can’t I be so thoughtful about myself. No one knows me better than I do. No one can give a personal touch to the gifts for me the way I can. Then why not gift something to me from me? Why to wait for a Santa to get me something? Rather I can be my own Santa this festive and give me a gift or two that I really liked or always wanted. I got myself a vibrant laptop sleeve from Chumbak during their end of season sale of course!

I loved the feeling when Chumbak delivered the laptop sleeve right before Christmas and my joy knew no bounds. Merry Christmas to me!

In a nutshell all I am trying to say is love yourself so much that it’s all worth it.






Click on the above link to buy this laptop sleeve from Chumbak.

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