Goa Food Blog

Whenever I travel I make sure to go for local food. The travel is incomplete if the local cuisine is not tasted. Me and my friend both wanted to try the Goan cuisine hence we looked around for restaurants that served Goan cuisine throughout our stay in Goa.

The below thali is from a restaurant by a Goan family in Candolim. It’s a small set up but enough to accompany 20-25 people. The thali has Bangda fish curry, boiled rice and Bangda fry. The food was scrumptious. Price: Rs 300.


Recheado Masala Bangda Fry – It is one of the authentic Goan masalas used for fish, prawns and chicken. We had this dish in Calangute Beach. Price: Rs 100.


Below fish thali is from Velha (Old Goa). Every place in Goa have their own special way of making fish thali. This thali has a bangda rava fry, bangda curry , onion masala curry, pithla curry made up of besan and kokum water. Price: Rs 320.


The below fish thali is from Molem. The thali has boiled rice, fish curry, fish masala fry, Kismur (dried prawns), cabbage and kokum. It costs Rs 280.




The below fish thali is from Candolim – The Curry House. It is one of the best Pomfret I had. The thali has boiled rice, pomfret curry, pomfret rava fry and salad. The thali costs Rs 230.


Below dish is from Candolim again. The thali has boiled rice, kingfish curry and bangda masala fry. The thali costs Rs 300.




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