10 ways journaling transformed my life

Start of every year as a kid my dad would always give me and my brother diaries. He would ask us to maintain our diary which I never understood. Once I went ahead and asked him “what do you mean by maintain your diary?”. To which he replied “write about your everyday in that diary”. I found it really silly and I didn’t quite understand the importance of it. For my 25th birthday one of my friends gave me a diary. It was a really cute and fancy one. So I started writing in it until the pages were over. It was about my day to day life. Not everyday but yeah days something different would have happened, sure to go in that diary. By different I mean both good and bad. I was discussing the same with one of my friends and he asked me “why you want to keep a track of your past, shouldn’t you move on?”. Hence after that I stopped writing completely until lately.

I have started journaling again since last 4 months. Reason I started journaling was, I was going through a tough time and I kind of lost the connection with myself. So I steamed off everything into the journal and I tell you it was liberating. Since then I have not stopped journaling. Like Anne Frank said paper is more patient than man.

Here are 10 ways journaling transformed my life:

1. Insight Journaling gives me an insight of my life. I started writing every single day about everything that has been going on. Not only good or bad, also the usual. Now when I go back and read the first time I wrote and when I read the one’s I have written now there is a huge difference. It’s like there are two different individuals who wrote in the same diary who are so similar yet different in their own ways.

2. Ranting Yes gossip is bad I agree but only when it is with another human. Of course you can gossip with your journal. Journaling is the best way to steam off. Things I would not have been able to say to others because (a) I am straight forward (b) not everybody appreciate upfront people. So to maintain my sanity I don’t get into arguments as arguments can be frustrating and draining. Discussions are always healthy but never arguments. Hence whatever I would have felt about that situation I would write down. In a way it also shows me that where I am wrong because clashes don’t happen due to one person.

3.  Goals Journaling has helped me in setting up my goals and achieve them as well. Be it personal goals, professional goals or travel goals, it is all there in my Goals or Goals for Tomorrow section. After end of my daily journaling I set up my goals for the next day. Next day when I open my journal to write, first thing I check the number of goals I have achieved. Sometimes due to some reason or the other I would not have been able to achieve a particular goal. I write the reason next to that goal and give it a shot by changing my approach the next day.

4. Gratitude Gratitude is the best attitude. I write down about the things I am grateful for about the day. Gratitude has helped me in being humble and kind. I have always cribbed and cried over things that has not worked out for me. Yes, I know it’s frustrating to hold ourselves together when we put so much effort. But what about the things that are amazing in our lives? Like for once being able to breathe. Today didn’t go as planned but if I am alive tomorrow I will make it count. Hence gratitude. When I started to write gratitude for my breath one by one I started to remember a lot of things going good in my life.

5. Visualisation The best way to achieve anything in life is by visualising. I started with something very small. Like visualising a good at work. I started to write down how I wanted the next day to be. For example, communicate with transparency so that everyone in the meeting is on the same page. Once I started writing something basic like this the ideas kept flowing to me. And it has definitely worked for me.

6. Organised For beautifulmess. Journaling has definitely helped me in being a more organised and sorted person. I know for sure about my tasks for the day. If I don’t do it I have to cross it against my goal and write a reason as to why I couldn’t do it. Initially it wasn’t a big deal not achieving but then I started to take it seriously and it feels good.

7.  Self Love I have always been a fan of self love and no doubt journaling is one of the ways to express self love. Every time I write down something in my journal it is emotional. Everything that has been deep buried in me comes out in my journal and it is liberating.

8. Secret Keeper All my secrets are safe in it. Journals are non judgemental unlike humans. So it let me write down anything and everything I go through in my life without a trace of judgement.

9. Ideas  I write down some of my ideas here.  I am a DIY person and when it comes to gifts I always give a personal touch to it. Hence I note down my ideas in the journal. If I find some good/inspirational quotes I definitely make a note of it in my journal. I also jot down my blog ideas in it.

10. Self Discovery Journaling has definitely helped me in knowing myself better as a person. When I go back and read the first pages of my journal it is like I am reading about a different person. Sometimes I read my journal as if I am reading a book and it says a lot about me. There is nothing amazing than knowing yourself.


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