Pamper yourself

I can’t emphasise enough on pampering yourself. I know and agree that we all love to be pampered by our loved ones and vice versa. But it is even more important to pamper ourselves. May be a good spa or nice haircut. May be a good pair of lingeries or a gorgeous shade of lipstick. A really good book to read or a comfortable pair of pjs. Anything that will help you connect with yourself because nothing is beautiful than seeing your inner beauty.

Everyday is a battle. Making it through to the day seems like a tough fight which we all go through. So every once in a while stop and breathe for starters. Take a break  and pour a nice glass of wine. Dance a little or may be hum a little. Make a candle light bath with a good music. I make sure to listen to some really good music in the shower that helps in taking the vibe to a different level. Watch a sunset or just listen to the birds chirping. Enjoy the wind in your hair or just gaze at the stars. Nothing makes me more excited than seeing the sky full of stars. When you’re connected to yourself you are actually connected to the universe. Because  Rumi said “you are the universe in the ecstatic motion”. Pampering yourself shows you know your worth. It also means your mind, body and soul are in alignment with the universe. Sometimes pampering is also putting the phone away and hitting the bed early. For me the best way to end my day is with a book.

Weekend doesn’t always mean you have to hangout with your friends. Sometimes taking a long nap in the afternoon or watching a show/movie on Netflix can boost your mood. Fairy tale sounds good in books in real life we are our own heroes. Don’t get me wrong I do love fairy tales and I believe in them too but in my own way. I am the princess not by birth and I am the queen not by marrying a king. I am not waiting to be rescued by a prince charming. I am independent, confident and kickass. And even though it gets dirty and stressful out there I always take some time out to recharge myself. Never forget you are your own lifelong investment. Make sure to keep your soul shining. When you are happy inside, your aura reflect good vibes. The best way to cleanse your aura is to pamper yourself and stay connected to your soul. So schedule a little “me time” for yourself.



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