Few of my favourite books

As you guys know I love reading books. I call myself a book dragon not a book worm. For me books are the gateways to a different world. I get lost in the books so deep that sometimes I lose the track of time. And my favourite game is called “how many chapters can I read in one night?”. So I thought I should share few of my favourite books here.

The Alchemist

This book is one of my favourites and I had finished it in an overnight journey to Hyderabad from Bangalore. It talks about dreams coming true and the language of universe. It’s a very inspirational book, whenever I feel lost in life this book acts as my personal guide. One of my favourite quotes is ” Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity. ”

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Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

This is a journal of a thirteen year old girl. She has spoken about her and her family’s struggle being a Jew during the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. It is a diary of a girl that talks about the Holocaust and Anne is probably one of the victims of the Holocaust. I get goose bumps every time I read this book. They have turned the hideout house into a museum known as  Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. If you haven’t read this book yet go ahead and check it out. I am sure it will give you chills.



The Undomestic Goddess

If you’re looking for a light hearted book this is the one for you. I could relate so much to the main character here. She’s strong, independent career woman but when it comes to domestic chores she’s not among the A listers. Suddenly she gets into a situation and her world changes upside down. It is one of the fun books I have read.


The Tides of Memory

I am a huge Sidney Sheldon fan and this is one of the books that has kept me up nights until I finished it. I finished this book with my phone torch. Unexpected turns of events and till the end the author maintains the suspense.


The Trip

It is a thriller. The story revolves around five couples who takes you on a cruise and then sudden turn in events lead to unexpected situation.  It is sexy and scandalous.


The Da Vinci Code

It is one of the best thrillers I have read till date. It is a brain food than anything else for me. This book takes you on a breathless chase.  There are twists and turns that will make you wonder about everything going on.


The Mahabharata Secret

This is again a thriller as you can see I am a huge fan of thrillers. This book talks about age old secret that has been kept intact by a brotherhood if discovered can destroy the world. The secret is as old as the Hindu mythology The Mahabharata.

Those are few from my reads hope you liked them and if you haven’t read them hope my post help you figure out the one’s you must read.


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