The Power of Pranayama

As a kid I have always known pranayama is really good. All yoga gurus always practice pranayama. But personally I had not experienced any good of it. They say it balances blood pressure. But I don’t have much blood pressure problem so I didn’t know. It removes anxiety or helps in distressing. So for me it’s all what they say. Hence I was doing pranayama without knowing how it is beneficial for me. Until…


Work has been really hectic so there’s a lot of running around. I had a splitting headache one day at work and lasted till the late evening. I used to do yoga in the evening after work. So as usual I did my usual asanas and then I did Anulom Vilom Pranayama. I always do it for min 5 mins, I keep timer to track it. While in the process I started feeling relaxed, my shoulders were no more stiff and needless to say my headache was gone. So that was one day I experienced the magic.


I had another very stressful day at work. This time I didn’t have a headache but I was irritated and frowning at anything and everything. I couldn’t stop thinking about work even though I was back home. I was feeling so miserable that even it was Friday night I just didn’t want to go out. Guess what? It just took 5 mins of pranayama to make me feel better? Nah! I felt awesome. The vibes were absolutely reversed. It’s like how you feel after an amazing massage, well this was 10 times better.

So then I thought if practicing pranayama does this to me, practicing it in the first thing in the morning will bring so much positivity.

So from my experience I will tell you the power of pranayama:

1. Distress

2. Release tension

3. Relieves headache

4. Releases anxiety

5. Improves concentration

6. Gives you positive vibes

7. Makes you a chill dude


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