Healthy things I do now so that my older self will thank me later.

Hey guys!!! I am one of the persons who have always always given the excuse to keep  myself fit, “arey time kahan hai?” “Where is the time?”. I work for almost 9 -10 hours, once I am back from work I don’t have strength to do any exercise or make healthy stuff to eat. So yeah I completely understand when you say stuff like that, coz I am one of you. But then I decided I can do small things to bring out the change which will in turn keep me healthy. Recently I have made few changes in my day to day activity and I will share them with you hoping you can do the same to keep yourself fit.

#Yoga in the morning.

I have not been doing yoga regularly reason being, I don’t have a particular time to get off from work. Sometimes I get off early and sometimes late. The days I am home early I definitely do yoga but the days I am late, which is most likely 3-4 days in a week, I don’t do it at all. Because I am already exhausted and hungry and once I am home I would be wanting to have dinner and crash. So then my friend Alan suggested to start my day 20-30 mins early so that I will have enough time to spend for myself. Since last Friday I have been waking up 30 mins early and I get good 45 mins to do Yoga that too in empty stomach. I feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Needless to say because of long work hours I had lower back pain which is gone now. It is good to start the day with something positive than pushing it to the end of the day. So now in the evening I have time to make dinner for myself . I have started to write my journals and read a book before going to bed every single day.

#Walk a little

These days majority of us have a desk job. Which means more static than dynamic. So I have made it a point to go to a different floor for loo or pantry. In that way I get to walk few extra steps and it is just one floor above mine so I take stairs instead. Interesting, right? I know, I pat myself on the back as well.

#Drink water

All of us know drinking water is good for us. But pushing ourselves to drink minimum 2-3 lts of water is a big deal. I do not drink water at one go. I drink 2-3 sips in good 15-20 mins interval. In that way my body retains the water and utilise its goodness rather than flushing it out at once. Also I make sure to finish at least more than half of the bottle of water or the whole bottle in a particular time period so that I can use a little break from work to go the loo and get some extra walk.

Having said that I make sure I have my breakfast on time along with lunch and dinner. It’s all home made meals. I cut down on eating outside or any junk. I finish dinner 2 hours prior to my bed time. I also try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Hence I have set up a reminder 30 mins prior to my bed time, so once the reminder goes off I prepare to go to bed. No matter what I would be doing I will know I have 30 mins buffer time. So I apply moisturiser, fill in water, say a little prayer and keep my phone away. I always sleep with my phone away from me so that in the morning when the alarm go off I will have to get up from my bed , walk few steps to turn it off. That way  I don’t have to snooze it coz I am already out of my bed. The most difficult task in the morning is to get out of the cozy warm bed. Oh and I also put my phone on silent so that if someone calls or it beeps I don’t wake up with a startle.

I didn’t want to share things here suggesting you do something. I wanted to share things that I do and that works for me. And if in anyway I can help you to achieve that, nothing like it. The most important thing is to accept yourself and wanting to make the change for good. Hope you like it and start doing it step by step.

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