That time of the year is here, it’s my birthday!!!

Yeah it is that time of the year and I turned 29 today. I know the first thing that comes to most of their mind is “Are you married?”, “Look at your friends, they are all married!” or “When will you have kids?”. But seriously I have become so thick skinned and upfront to such reactions. By the way I am in Hyderabad for my birthday. It is has become a ritual now that I spend my birthday with my family. So last night while traveling I was recollecting my past birthdays and I couldn’t believe that I actually remember all my birthdays till date since third standard. Pretty cool huh!

So I just thought to share my 9 learnings from 29 years of existence in the world:

#1 Forgive others but don’t let them in to your life again.

#2 Forgive yourself, you are just a human in progress.

#3 Respond not react.

#4 Self care.

#5 Don’t be manipulative.

#6 Don’t be manipulated.

#7 Give chance.

#8 Take chances.

#9 Have the hunger for alternative.

The most important thing is to accept yourself. I know I don’t match the stereotypical standard of  an ideal woman, but I am kickass. Yeah if you compare me with others I might not fit into your idea of perfect but as an individual I am pretty awesome dude. Every time I fall, I rise like dust. Being brave doesn’t mean not getting scared. Being brave means even though scared, do it anyway.


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