Beauty standards all over the world

In India everybody focuses on fair skin. Creams and face washes are all about “fair and lovely”. In here we have detanning and bleaching whereas in States they have tanning. People love Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif coz she’s half Indian and half  British with fair complexion and blue eyes. You know India makes millions in detanning while States makes it in tanning. It’s just other part of the world. Thanks to Priyanka Chopra and Kim Kadarshian that brown skin and curvy bodies  came into limelight otherwise pencil stick figures and pale skin have always dominated our world.

Just the way these actresses inspires us I wonder who would have inspired them? Coz they are the first of their kinds to have made it to the mainstream. So let’s not wait for someone to rescue us. As I always say let’s be our own hero. Every skin colour, shape and colour of the eye is beautiful. Every body type is sexy.  Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you find yourself beautiful others are equally beautiful and vice versa. So don’t judge yourself or others. Everyone deserves a little better than yesterday.


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