3 ways detox water

It’s summer here and keeping our body hydrated is a must. By the way keeping ourselves hydrated is any day important as it is in summer. It’s just that in summer we lose a lot of energy along with getting dehydrated. And as we all know water not only hydrates our body but also detoxes. And if water gets tastier and rich with nutrients, what else to ask for? Here are my 3 ways detox water recipes.


In a jug or mason jar (for me) add slices of lemon. My mason jar is of 500ml so I add 2 thin slices of lemon so accordingly you can add as per the size of your jar. Crush a little piece of ginger and add 3-4 mint leaves. Mint gives that fresh zing. Add water to it and freeze it. Have it whenever you want and fill it again with water. You can have it for 3-4 fillings and then cut the same ingredients, add water and enjoy your drink.



Cut 2 strawberries in half add 3-4 mint leaves to the water and freeze it, You have an amazing drink ready to be cherished.


Cut few slices of apples and add a cinnamon stick to the water. I add cinnamon powder and mint leaves. Apple and cinnamon are a great combination for a good health.


You can make your own detox water literally with anything, like instead of lemon slices you can use lime or orange and instead of strawberries use any berries available to you.

Go crazy with your creativity and make yourself great detox water this summer. Stay hydrated, stay fresh and detoxified.

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