Oats Breakfast

The best way to start your morning is to wake up on time or waking up on the right side of the bed or to have a great cup of tea/coffee or even a healthy yummy breakfast. For me breakfast has always been a hassle since the day I have moved in to my new place. Initial few days I didn’t even have breakfast. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day I started to make some extra dinner and save it for my breakfast. But the days I have dinner outside, next morning no breakfast for me. So then one of my friends Richie suggested an amazingly healthy breakfast which is easy to make and great to taste. Oats!!! Yes people you heard it right.

Overnight soak the oats in milk and top it with various fruits and nuts, freeze it and the next morning voila! you have a yummy breakfast ready to be eaten.

So you can be as creative as you can when it comes to this breakfast. Instead of freezing it overnight sometimes I make it fresh in the morning. So here what I do, I add milk to the oats and then add honey, peanut butter, almonds, raisins and lots of fruits like black grapes, green apples, pomegranate etc. You can add yogurt and chia seeds as well. As we are soaking the oats with milk so don’t add any citrus fruits or flax seeds or even walnuts. You can add different kinds of berries and nuts to it. Go crazy with your creativity and make yourself an amazing healthy breakfast.



That’s my version of oats, I would love to hear yours.

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