My perfect imperfection

In this world there’s always a threshold for perfection. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect height, perfect beauty, perfect body etc you got the idea. If white skin is perfect, then what about other skin colours? I don’t even know who has made that limitation or who gave the definition for it.

I know I have acne scars  and I am sure many others  have the same or may be some other scars. Scars from a surgery, scar from a fall or scar from past. Our scars makes us who we are. I would rather say our imperfections makes us who we are.

I have a weird laugh, I laugh loud. But there are people who say, a girl should never be heard and if she laughs loud then God save her. She’s not a perfect girl, no guys will like her now her life’s screwed blah blah blah. And in India if you’re not of a fair complexion everybody will have advice for you to make you fair and thanks to Bollywood and our ads to get a fair complexion. Then there’s make up.

People have a notion that make up is to hide yourself and especially for girls. No dude, breaking news guys do wear make up as well. And no girl wear make up to hide behind it or to impress boys. We have better things to do. And the real men like women with real real inner beauty. Make up enhances our features and it’s up to an individual how they want to wear and if they want to wear at all. I don’t like wearing make up, if my scars are visible so be it. And if my scars scares you even better. If you have a problem with my scars or complexion or if I don’t fit into your little world of “perfection”, hell with you. I never asked you to look at me, so you can close your eyes. Yes I am short and I know it and no I don’t like wearing heels I am not comfortable in it. If I have to walk a lot or stand I prefer wearing flats or sneakers are my favourite.

We are our best critics, don’t be so hard on yourself. If you don’t fit into their idea of perfection, don’t bother. There’s world beyond their small head, where real things happen where real people live. Whatever your flaws are you got to own them. Good or bad they are yours and you need to know how to take them. If you learn to love yourself with your imperfections trust me no one can put you down. Just remember you are perfect in your imperfection.


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