Invest in yourself

We humans always tend to please others and it’s not a bad thing, but we end up doing it at the cost of our own happiness. If it’s one of our loved one’s birthday we know what would they love so we end up getting them something that defines them or something they deserve, something no one would’ve thought about. And when they open the gift wrap the smile is worth seeing. I know that feeling, I do the same for my people. I don’t have a huge group of friends but people who are really close to me I make sure to get them a gift that’ll leave a mark.

But how many times have we gotten something like that for us? Out of the list of loved ones why can’t we be on top? Have you ever thought about that?

Be it money or time, always invest in yourself. You are your own long term relationship who won’t let you down at any time. I make sure I pamper myself as much as I would like to be pampered by my people or to pamper someone. I know what you’ll say, we buy clothes for ourselves we buy shoes and make up and what not., right? But have you tried investing in good lingerie? Why to wear matching or sexy lingerie before getting laid? Try wearing it just for yourself, you’ll know the difference and the feeling is really good. Take out sometime for yourself, something that’ll energise you. I take myself out for a body spa just to relax and enjoy my time with me. Have you tried going for a movie or lunch alone? Trust me it’s an amazing thing to try. Two of my friends suggested me to go for movies alone and I did I would never regret my decision for that. Try for gold class movies it’s even better. I don’t like to go for shopping with another soul apart from my mum or two of my really close friends. I usually prefer going alone for shopping. In that way I have time to look around what I really need and try clothes and know what suits my body type. In a way I get to know myself better. The colours I like to pick up or the material that fits right. I know when it comes to footwear all of us drools over a good pair of heels. But it really hurts and we know it. I don’t want to look good for others I want to look and feel good for myself. I know I am short but girls you got to own it. I enjoy flats no matter where I am with whom I am it doesn’t matter. If I don’t feel like myself what’s the point of owning the stuff. For me our clothes defines us and adds beauty to our personality in a way that we know we are looking good without having to look at the mirror. I love the look on others eyes when they look at me and I know I rocked it. Traveling is one of the best ways to invest in yourself, so is cooking or reading that book you’ve been eyeing on and many more. When we travel with bunch of people, I am not saying it’s not good. It is definitely fun, but somewhere we have to keep everyone’s interest in mind. Like I went to Goa 2 months back, I am more of an explorer and we all know Goa is known for it’s party environment which is fun. But Goa is more than just pubs and clubs and forts and churches. I have been wanting to go for solo trips for a very long time but to be very honest I am little skeptical. I know it’s stupid but I also know I’ll overcome that soon.

When it comes to cooking, I can’t cook much. But if I am making something for myself and if I am making the same for someone else, there’s a huge difference. When I serve it to others I make sure to garnish it properly, to cook it with proper heat with right balance but when it comes to me I just don’t bother as much. And then I thought about it a lot. Why do I do it to myself, don’t I deserve the best as well? If I can’t make myself the best dinner, what’s the point of serving it to others?

So here on, always invest in yourself, treat yourself good. You deserve all the best things in the world and whatever you expect from others just do it for yourself. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. If you want to invest in something with a minimum risk and a guaranteed big return, invest in yourself.



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