My skin and hair care

It’s every girl’s dream to have an amazing skin and gorgeous hair. Everyone has their own way. I’ll write about my best routines.

I always believe in whatever goes in, it shows up on your face and hair. More than external care for me internal care is most important and I’ll suggest the same.

First diet, I can’t emphasize on this enough. My diet contains fiber. I usually include plant based diet and completely exclude sugar and dairy products. I want to make it crystal clear that I am not a vegetarian, but I absolutely stay away from dairy products. Berries and other fruits contains tons of fiber and antioxidants. I also love greens in my diet. I make sure to have a salad in my meal. I have mentioned about it in my previous posts. For calcium I intake plant based milk, I personally like coconut milk and sometimes yogurt. For omega-3 I include seeds and nuts and fish fats.

Second water, hydration is really important. It’s one of the most important things to be part of our daily routine. You can drink a lot of water or have it in the form of smoothies. Cucumbers has lot of water. So you can make smoothies. The recipe is below:

Take  1 cucumber, 1 carrot and 1 beetroot , you can add coconut water instead of just normal water or yogurt or coconut, soy or oats milk.

Another smoothie, an apple, a carrot and a beetroot and make a smoothie out of it for hydration add one of the above liquids and you’re good to go.

Third stress, living a stress free life is difficult. But you need to prioritize if the stress is justified. Stress is not a solution so I start to think about how can I help myself instead. Meditation always helps in reducing stress. The intention of meditation is to stay focused and it’s not that easy as it sounds. So here’s how I meditate, it is really easy. My way of meditation is all about focusing on my breath. So I follow 4-7-8 breathing technique. While inhaling I count till 4, hold onto my breath while counting 7 to 1 and then while exhaling I count 1 to 8. It’s really that easy and simple. Do it for 10-15 mins and you’ll notice the difference. I do the same when I’m stressed or if I’m unable to sleep. It really helps.

Fourth exercise, work out or yoga always helps in blood circulation. And when you sweat you glow. Below are few yoga asanas for healthy skin and hair in which blood flows to your face and head stimulating a good blood circulation:









Fifth moisturizer, for external application I use olive oil both on my skin and hair. Yes I know I used to have acne which means I have oily skin. But our skin starts producing more oil if we don’t moisturize it properly. If you’re not used to oil based moisturization, give yourself sometime. Do not expect an immediate result as you’re introducing something new and natural to your body. On your skin you might have breakouts or irritation, do not panic give it time to find the equilibrium.

These are my skin and hair care routines, I’d love to know yours. Please feel free to comment.


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