Keep smiling. Fake it until you make it

It was my mantra when I was going through depression. Once I had a dream, there were ghosts all around in our living room. Me and my family were hiding inside our bedroom. It was dark really dark. And suddenly I started laughing, it was a fake laugh. I was really scared inside yet I was laughing and with every louder laugh the room was getting enlightened and the ghosts started to leave. I told my family to do the same. No matter how scared we were we kept laughing. One by one all the ghosts left the house and our house was bright again.


I suddenly got up from my sleep and started to think the meaning behind this dream. I realized the ghosts are my depression and the dark house was me from inside. And the only way to enlighten me and get rid of depression was to laugh. Of course I can’t laugh just like that, so I started to smile, a lot. Even though it was fake I still kept smiling until it was a genuine smile. That was my first step to get out of depression, because I really wanted to and I didn’t know how to. Somewhere my silence and isolation was making me even more depressed which I didn’t realize. When I’m sitting alone I smile. When I look at the mirror I smile. When I see a new person at work I smile. So at least they know there’s someone they can come up to and talk. Smiling really made the difference in my life.


I started to smile at every small things. As soon as I wake up, I smile. If I saw a beautiful sunset I smiled. If there’s rain I started to smile. If I ask for help I smile at first and then start the conversation. If someone asks me for direction, I smile at them and then tell the way out. That comforts the person who feels lost. When I thank someone, I smile and say Thank You like I mean it. As they say, smiling is contagious without doing any harm. Smiling is one of the universal languages which is understood by all.


A smiling mind is the modern meditation.


Just keep smiling!!!IMG_3110

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