Have you ever been in a situation where you meant something and it sounds something else? :P

As you know my name is Divya, or that’s what I call myself. Actually I was named Dibya.

I don’t like Dibya so I say Divya. I’m from Odisha and our script doesn’t have the alphabet ‘V’. So most of the Hindi words that has v in it, we make it b. For example, Videsh which means abroad, for us it’s Bidesh, similarly Divya became Dibya.


Once my friend asked me “Dude, if it’s Dibya why do you call yourself Divya.” And my response was “My parents made a mistake.” I was talking about the spelling but what he got was I was a mistake (lol).


Another time, we had a major project deployment. I was working on a feature and it had to be delivered on the same day. While talking to my colleagues I ended up saying “It’s my first delivery, I’m really nervous.”


It doesn’t end here, I have a bad habit of saying the word thing, if I can’t remember the actual word. It’s just that I don’t want to break the flow so I end up saying “thing”. Another time, a group of friends we were standing and talking when suddenly I saw one of my friends key fell off. To which I responded “Dude, your thing fell.” It was pretty embarrassing for both of us.


The other day a bunch of girls at work, we were talking about hair and density and volume and what not.One of my friends said “I have too dense hair.” To which another friend responded “It’s a good thing, why are you upset?” And guess what I said? “It’s so dense that my finger will get lost.” (guilty!)


I should be banned from talking.


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