bellezza di non fare niente ~ beauty of doing nothing

I know I’m writing after a long time and I have absolutely no excuse for that except for I was completely busy with myself. I have been traveling and grooming myself. Last to last month I went to Hyderabad. My brother stays there and he has a place of his own so my parents have come. I usually go to Hyderabad mostly to meet my family and there was no other reason for this travel as well.

But little did I know my this travel would be amazing like nothing before.


I was absolutely doing nothing and yet having the best time of my life. All I was doing was eating, sleeping, watching movies or helping my parents in the kitchen. No work, no stress and no tight schedule only home cooked food, good sleep and loads of love. I was there for 2 weeks and still wasn’t ready to come back.


The best part about being an adult is having to pamper my parents. Like literally spoiling them. It’s like now they’re my kids. I took them for shopping and dining and the happiness is indescribable. As I have always mentioned I don’t like shopping, but when I’m with my mum it’s a different experience. The woman has a knack of it and she’s really good at picking up stuffs that won’t be visible to normal eyes. I was in the same aisle for 20 mins and found nothing and she just went and picked up something and I didn’t even have to try it out to check whether it fits or not, coz she knows my size. Well she’s my mum.


After I was back from Hyd, everyone at work said how healthy I was looking and my skin was glowing. I could also feel the same. And after a week I went to Goa. It was my third trip to Goa, yet it felt like I was there for the first time. I had amazing sea food and wine. We had pool dance as well.


Our day started with healthy breakfast, then beach then in the swimming pool till the afternoon after we freshened up we would go for authentic Goa cuisine lunch, roam around the city and then evening by the beach again, nothing goes best than beer and the sunset in the beach, and then clubbing and then late late dinner which is actually very early breakfast. Coz we would finish our dinner by 4:00 in the morning and then my friend H (From the post sincerity of a woman is known from her feet) wanted to go for coffee at 4:30 AM. So we both took the bike went for coffee. It was an awesome trip this time.


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