Be your own Hero

There are days when we don’t feel good about ourselves or things happening around us. It is common and it happens to every human alive on this planet. For few it is a prolonged sadness. We feel depressed, frustrated and stressed out about anything and everything. We always tend to look for happiness outside and if things don’t go well we get upset. And then one thing leads to another and we are never happy. We always blame the situation or person. Being a human it’s normal to get into a situation where we put down ourselves a hundred times a day and then later on start thinking about everything that didn’t go well. It is okay to have such days. It is absolutely okay to feel like that.

But it is not okay to punish yourself. Depression is like Dementor from Harry Porter. They feed on your happiness. We tend to think why us and then we have been taught that whatever happens, happens for a reason. I don’t believe that. Parents who lose their child how did that happen for a reason? Or girls getting raped and murdered. Women going through domestic violence. How could that be explained with whatever happens, happens for a reason? Stop thinking that whatever is happening with you there’s a reason behind it. It doesn’t work that way. You are born as a human, that’s dope in it self. You can do things no one else can do. So stop feeling bad for yourself and start living for yourself.

First, give yourself a high five for thinking about getting out of that situation. I know people who just crib about everything that’s not right in their life. Some people even use their depression as an excuse for their arrogant behavior. If yesterday was hell and today you got up anyway, you are making progress. So big high five to you for accepting yourself and willing to make the change.

Second, never give in to it. Sadness always wants you to surrender to it. So if you want to fight it never give in.

Third, take care of yourself. When first I heard this “take care of yourself”, I was confused. We always know how to care of others but what about ourselves.

So to take care of the self, you need to think yourself as a lost abandoned puppy. Think what will you do to nurture the puppy for it to get over the horrible memories. You will pet it, you feed it nutritious healthy food. You will bathe it and play with it. Do the same to your abandoned puppy. Look after that lost animal. 

You can fix the broken you. Remember the climax of the Ring (the horror movie) where the Ghost was chasing the mother of the little boy inside the well? The mother made her way out and closed the lid of the well. You have to do exactly the same. Only you can pull yourself out of that dark well and close the lid. It is you who can save yourself. Life will throw curve balls at you that’s its job, but it is you who should learn to take it in a positive way. The one thing you can control is how to treat yourself. And that one thing can change everything,

It is you who can save the day. Only you can be your own Hero.Be your own hero

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