About Me ;)


I am Divya a B.tech graduate. For me writing is an expression. Paper has more patience than humans ~ Anne Frank. So I write. I am really passionate about it. Apart from writing I love music and dancing. Writing helps me venting out my frustration and sometimes helps me figuring out things. I discover myself better and better with it. I love to travel too. I’m planning for a solo trip soon. Yes, I am scared but it is worth the risk. I love shopping but not as much as pub hopping or clubbing ;). I can shop alone but not with another human. That just drives me insane.

I am a dreamer and just don’t want to settle down for anything less. If I am not happy or content I have the hunger for the alternative. I want larger than life. I really want to do something I love and passionate about. Writing for me is feeding my soul. It gives me inner peace. I almost forgot I am a big foodie and I don’t have a favorite cuisine. I like to keep my mind open also I don’t have a favorite color that’s why I usually pick up multi colors.

Now that you know I love colors, I am not a great painter but I definitely love to play with colors. I love dogs too. I am a huge fan of minions as well. Recently I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and I fell in love with ‘Baby Groot’. Now I am really confused whether to have a Baby Groot, a minion or a puppy.

I am here to express my views and opinions and to have fun. If you like something please let me know and if you don’t like I’ll be more than glad to take your feedback (just be generous). That’s about me.

I’d love to hear about you as well, please comment below. Let’s stay connected.

Happy Reading!!IMG_3210

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